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Francesc Garcia together with Xavier Garcia undertook this great project creating the brand Liberty Cargo.
Today it has become a big family that keeps on growing with open arms to new members,
always following in the wake of its founders.

liberty cargo


Liberty Cargo was born in 1998 in Barcelona by the hand of professionals with more than forty years of experience in the freight forwarding sector. At present time, we continue to add professionalism and experience as an independent international transport services company, specialized in maritime and air transport, and all kind of logistics advice.

At Liberty Cargo we firmly believe in constant improvement through collaboration with our suppliers and the loyalty of our customers. All our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. Through our team of experts we offer and guarantee personalized solutions for each of them.

Liberty Cargo, comprehensive logistics management
for more than 20 years

Maritim Transport

We operate in the main ports of the world. We know the requirements of each of the markets and we manage all the necessary documentation. Our preferential agreements with the main shipping companies, together with our quality brands, allow us to meet the demands and needs of our customers. Trust us to study and plan your routes.

Air Transport

According to the characteristics of the cargo, we offer the best alternative for air transport: document management, follow-up of the expedition, confirmation of the shipment and delivery of the merchandise. In addition, being an IATA agent and agreements with the main airlines allow us to guarantee a fast and safe service.

Customs Formalities

We act as OEA, a trusted operator for customs. Therefore, in compliance with customs regulations, we apply rigorous measures in our internal management system, as well as in the control of our customers and suppliers. All our commitments to customs involve a number of advantages and facilities for our customers.

Custom-made Projects

From our beginnings we have been motivated by operations that pose a challenge in transportation. Custom projects are unique and require a complete, trained, experienced and well coordinated team. When that happens the result is always a satisfying experience.

Triangular Operations

The success of this type of operation lies in good management and the discretion of all those involved. Therefore, the knowledge in the commercial areas of international trade, accompanied by effective document management, they are vital to achieve maximum profitability and success in the operation.

Consulting in logistics: Development of New Markets

We offer the knowledge and experience to carry out a tailor-made project for those companies that want to open up to the foreign market. The goal is for the company to focus on developing its activities taking advantage of our extensive international networks, until we become an essential partner, its commercial force abroad.

Logistics and Warehousing

The special warehouse regime and customs warehousing are other areas in which we consider ourselves specialists and which can provide competitive advantages to our clients. A complementary service to transport, which begins with unloading and can range from merchandise classification to product labeling and the widest range of services that the customer may need.

Distribution of

We face each project as a challenge. We are motivated by both new sectors and the development of our experience in the main industries in which we already work.

  • Food

  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical

  • Paper Bin

  • Industrial Goods

  • High Technology

  • Textile

  • Other Industries

Discover our profile and the main transport routes of Liberty Cargo, and do not hesitate to propose new projects and challenge us with new requests.

Security and

FIATA - Affiliation

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations is a non-governmental organization embracing over 40,000 international freight forwarders and logistics companies. FIATA represents, promotes and protects the interests of the industry; participating as advisory experts at international meetings related to freight forwarding. They provide training to improve the quality of service offered by freight agents through developing standardised documents and regulating the transport and service relationship.
liberty cargo

IATA - Affiliation

The international air transport association is a worldwide organization that brings together all the regular airline companies. They are instrumental in the cooperation between airlines, and they promote safety, reliability, trust and economy in airline transport, benefitting consumers all over the world. Liberty Cargo is an IATA Air Cargo agent authorized to act in the name of the airlines belonging to this association and complete cross operations with them.
liberty cargo

ATEIA - Affiliation

The Freight Forwarder Association is a professional organization made up of freely associated members of legally established local businesses from the freight forwarding, logistics and customs sector. The main aim of the company is to represent, manage, defend and develop the socio-economic interests and common professional skills of its members; especially in relation to government bodies, public institutions and workers’ organizations. Furthermore, its purpose is to cooperate with the international entities related to the sector, as determined by the relevant agreements and collaborations.
liberty cargo

WCA - Alliance

WCA is the world’s largest network of independent cargo agents, with over six million offices distributed in more than 100 countries all over the world. WCA was founded in 1998 and has become a worldwide leader benefiting all the freight forward companies that belong to its network. Liberty Cargo (ID. 59574) has been a member of WCA Inter Global and WCA China Global since 2007. We consider it a great honour to form part of this great family, as WCA is the epitome of innovation in forwarding on a worldwide scale.
liberty cargo

GSFN - Alliance

Network 360 is an alternative and complementary network to WCA, and further broadens our agent base across the world. They are distinguished by having agents located in the most singular places across the world. While their numbers do not make up the same volume as the former, they come with the prestige and assurances of a vast network.
liberty cargo

AEO - Certificates

This accreditation is awarded by the European Union to those operators who voluntarily comply with a series of strict safety regulations and satisfy customs authorities regulations to assure the safety of the international supply chain. The concept of the Authorised Economic Operator was established by the EU in accordance with internationally recognised laws, having a legal basis since 2008 with the Community Customs Code.
liberty cargo

ISO 9001 - Certificates

Liberty Cargo, through DNV GL Business Assurance, has obtained ISO 9001 certification. This standard can be applied to any field of industry or service and has been created by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) with the objective of establishing international requisites for quality management systems. Apart from the prestige that the ISO 9001 affords us, compliance with this standard gives an added guarantee of quality to our services.
liberty cargo

ENPB - Certificates

Certificate awarded by the Port of Barcelona bestowing upon Liberty Cargo certain commitments to the reliability of operations in export and import procedures, transparency of information and integrity in the handling of goods.
liberty cargo

GDP - Good distribution practices (GDP) certification

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Certification for Pharmaceuticals demonstrates your dedication to good distributive practices and quality in every aspect of your service.Maintaining product safety and quality during distribution is of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry.
liberty cargo

Credito y Caución - Legal Cover

Crédito y Caución offer protection on all kinds of international monetary transactions. This prestigious insurance company guarantees partial collection of payment on services rendered to our clients, benefits the development of our commercial activity and minimizes the risk involved in possible eventualities in payments and receipts, assuring us of a greater solvency.
liberty cargo

AXA - Coverage

Liberty Cargo entrusts its liability insurance to the renowned AXA, one of the most specialized companies in the transport insurance sector. Both their specialization and our proven experience after so many years working with them, keep our trust still worthy.
liberty cargo

Liberty Cargo network

The vocation to excellence of service and a privileged geographical location are the key factors that make us one of the leading freight forwarders in the Mediterranean basin. These two factors are strengthened by a third one: namely that of being a member of the World Cargo Alliance, the most extensive international network of independent freight forwarders.

This keeps us in permanent contact with over 9.000 forwarding agencies in over a hundred different countries. This and other strategic alliances with the most prestigious shipping and airline companies allow us to provide all types of solutions from any part of the world.

Maritime Transport

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